Status Webtrader is our recommendation for beginner traders. Its friendly user interface helps newbies to know how to place

the positions and how to manage them. It seems to be complicated in the beginning, that is why Status offers the ‘ABC’ of trading techniques. It is still powerful through the information and deep capacity to hold and manage any strategy traders would like

to perform.

Status Webtrader functionalities

A vast range of trading assets


Assets are divided into categories, so you can understand better what assets to choose, or how to study them, or how to search for more information about them. There are many categories, like Forex Minors, Majors, Exotic, Metals, Commodities, Crypto, Indices, World Shares.



The latest financial prices and events


Any Information coming around in the market will be in front of your eyes through Status. There are certain tools integrated inside the platforms which brings you financial news, events, any political move which might influence market state.



Many charts in the same screen


Often it is needed to have more than one chart on the screen. For example when you want to compare many assets' behaviour. Status provides you with 4 charts on the same screen.



Manage your trading activity


Once you have an account with Status, you have full access to manage your trading activity.

Your actions are tracked and kept as a history. You can have them as a report anytime.



Free hand to manage your positions


Once you decide Status as your trading platform, you will have full access in the Status functionalities and full control over your account. You will have a history of your trading actions, available all the time. You can export a report of your active positions.


  • A vast range of trading assets
  • The latest financial prices and events
  • Many charts in the same screen
  • Manage your trading activity